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Light Light and more Light

Colour and Movement

Digital photography provides a great deal of flexibility, not only in the taking of images and immediate feedback on your captured subject, but in the ability to manipulate and enhance the image in post-production processing.

I find inspiration from travelling and from everyday life for both my photography and my books.

I'm interested in light, composition, expression, capturing a mood, a moment.

About me

I have often been asked what sort of photographer I am, it's a limiting question and one that I have been hesitant to answer. There is a never ending world to explore with photography. 

However I have discovered a particular talent for portraiture work and low light photography and my personal passion travel photography.

Low light covers a range of experiences from Performance Art, Dance, Theatre, Street and Interior Photography. Using a combination of available light and controlled/introduced light. 

I was born in Canberra in the late 1960's. Growing up in the north western suburbs of Sydney. After living in San Francisco for 4 years, I returned to Australia and moved to Melbourne, where I now reside.

My interest in photography started at a young age, but took a back seat to a career in technology. I was drawn back to the art of photography with the advent of digital cameras and have embraced the digital medium.

Yana Alana - Between the Cracks
Dancing in the dark

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.
Ansel Adams

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