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About Peter Leslie


I was born in Canberra in the late 1960's. I was the second youngest of a larger family and probably (according to my sisters) one of the most precocious of my siblings. I loved school, loved learning but was a fairly solitary child, receiving more than my fair share of bullying. We moved from Canberra to Sydney when i was around 11 and my teeanage years were spent in the north western suburbs of Sydney.

I escaped to the inner city of Sydney as soon as I was 18 and was fortunate to fall into a career in technology, straight out of high school. While I had ever intention of going to University I never managed to get there, preferring to teach myself anything I needed to know.

My technology skills have provided me with many opportunites, including moving to and living in San Francisco in the late 1990 and early 2000's. After four year or so living in the US of A, I returned to Australia and ended up settling in Melbourne.

In the very late 1990s two things happened. I got my first digital camera, reigniting a love of photography that I was unable to pursue in school due to a lack of funds. And I started writing, initially it was just a cure for my insomnia, but late one night I started the first of the Keegan James books and realised that this was more than just the night time scribblings of an insomniac. 

My beautiful pups
Travel is inspiration
There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.
Ansel Adams
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