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    As a photographer...

    I find my self in awe of the world, looking at the world through a lens expands the eye and the heart.

    My interest in photography started at a young age, it was set aside for a career in technoogy. I was drawn back to the art of photography with the advent of digital cameras and have embraced the digital medium from day one.

    Digital photography provides a great deal of flexibility, not only in the taking of images and immediate feedback on your captured subject, but in the ability to manipulate and enhance the image in post-production processing.

    I have often been asked what sort of photographer I am, it's a limiting question and one that I have been hesitant to answer. There is a never ending world to explore with photography. Always new things to learn and experience.

    However I have discovered a particular talent for portraiture work and low light photography and my personal passion, travel photography.

    Low light covers a range of experiences from Performance Art, Dance, Theatre, Street and Interior Photography. Using a combination of available light and controlled/introduced light. 

    my other passion

    Some more of my work


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    Bath Time


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