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As a writer...

Trying to write about yourself is one of the hardest things to do... Let me write you a novel, for it will just fall from my fingertips, ask me to talk about myself and my fingers curl into balls of clay.

Here is the short version...

I was born in Canberra, number seven of eight children. Our home was always organised chaos, a tight ship run by loving parent. We were not poor but it would be hard to have called us middle class, we never lacked any of the essentials; food, education, a roof over our head and love. I have a lot of fond memories of Canberra, except wearing school shorts in the middle of winter.

We migrated north to Sydney when I was 11ish, by this time it was just me and my younger sister left at home. So it was like growing up in two different families, a large extended rowdy family and then a nuclear and mostly quieter existance throughout my teenage years.

I mostly excelled at school, maths, physics, chemistry were my favourite subjects, english and history my least favourite. I would have become an engineer if I had not fallen into a job in the computer industry right out of school. I loved school and would rather have spent my time in the library over time on a sports. I loved to learn and still do, it's always been a driving force in my life.

My only career has been in IT. 

However, my passions in life have been Travel, Photograhy and Writing.


some fun facts

I've been writing for 22 years

I have 23 neices and nephews

I have lived in Australia, US and the Czech Repulic

I live to travel and travel to live

I am so grateful for the amazing life I have had to date, like everyone it has had its ups and downs, but on balance it has been an extraordinary life. 

Happy Place - Byron Bay

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